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Adi Badri Temple - History of Adi Badri - Sapt / Panch Badri 2019

The Adi Badri the main Temple complex among the Panch Badri Temples is an antiquated hallowed place committed to Vishnu and is one among a chain of 16 little altars situated in the slope ranges 17 kilometers (11 mi), past Karnaprayag (intersection of Pindar River and Alaknanda River in Chamoli area. Seven Temple of this chain were worked amid the late Gupta period (fifth century to eighth century).

As per custom, Adi Shankara is ascribed as manufacturer of the considerable number of Temple. Adi Shankaracharya is accepted to have endorsed these Temple keeping in mind the end goal to spread Hinduism to each remote piece of the nation. In old occasions, when way to deal with the fundamental place of worship of Badrinath was shut because of climate conditions, travelers loved Vishnu at this Temple. Adi Badri, otherwise called Helisera as indicated by income records, is a little Temple complex encased inside a space of 14 meters (46 ft) X 30 meters (98 ft). The stature of the Temple shifts from 2–6 meters (6.6–19.7 ft). The main Temple is committed to god Vishnu, which is worked over a raised stage, with a little fenced in area in a pyramidal shape. The sanctum holds dark stone 1 meter (3.3 ft) picture of Vishnu. The picture portrays Vishnu holding a mace, lotus and chakra (disk). Brahmins from South India fill in as boss ministers in the Temple.

Adi Badri is found 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) from Chandpur stronghold or Garhi situated on the ridge, which was worked by the Parmar lords of Garhwal. Adi Badri is a hour's drive from Karnaprayag and near Chulakot while in transit to Ranikhet. On moving of Badrinath (otherwise called Raj Badri) to Bhavishya Badri, Adi Badri will be known as the Yog Badri.

How to reach Adi Badri Temple

You can easily reach Adi Badri Temple by air, train and by road.

How to reach Adi Badri Temple By Air : - Jolly Grant Airport is 220km from Karnaprayag. And from Karnaprayag, Adi Badri Temple is 03 kms. Jolly Grant Airport is a nearest airport to Karanprayag well connected to motor able road you can take easily taxi from outside the Airport.

How to reach Adi Badri Temple By train : - Rishikesh is nearest railway station of from Guptkashi. The distance between Rishikesh and Karanprayag 180 km. Taxi and buses are easily available outside the railway station.

How to reach Adi Badri Temple By road : - You can take private buses and Taxis from Delhi till Rishikesh or Haridwar. Karanprayag is located on NH 07.

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