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Hemkund Sahib- Hemkund Sahib Sightseeing - About Hemkund

Hemkund Sahib is also call Hemkunt Sahib. It is very famous religious place for Sikh. Hemkund Sahib trek is open in first week is june. We can give you brand new update about Hemkund Sahib,hotels in Hemkund. Hemkund Sahib is a Sikh Gurudwara. The elevation of Hemkund Sahib is 4329 meter above the see level. Hemkund Sahib is also know as Lake of Snow. Otherwise that Gurudwara is known as the name of Shri Hemkund Sahib. Gurudwara is open for only 6 months and close down during the extreme winter months. Hemkund Sahib it can be reached by trekking.

Hemkund History

Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara is know as one of the holiest place of the sikh. This is the story of 10th Guru or last guru Shri Guru Govind Singh. In this story Guru Govind Singh is tell us about his past and tell us why he has come on the earth. He was busy in austerity on the hill of Hemkund Sahib which palace is know as 'Sapt Shring'. In Henkund Sahib, Guru Govind Singh was worship to god of death.

Guru Govind Singh writes in his autobiography that Ram Chander son of Raja Dasrath had two sons Lava and Kushu. Lava and Kush regnant over the India for mant days. They colonized two cities Lahore and Kasur in Punjab. After that when they are died their sons could not tolerate to each other. they become enemies. they were fight to each other for get their suppermacy. One thousand child of Lava named Sodhi won the fight and turned into the lord of Punjab. He offered his kingdom to the Bedees with amazing privilege. He himself chose to go to backwoods with a specific end goal to mull over the Name of God.

As Guru Gobind Singh had said, the place of his past incarnation in his auto-account, numerous sikh researchers made a decent attempt to find the correct place. In this field the names of Sant Sohan Singh, Hawaidar Moan Singh, Sant Thandi Singh and Sant Surat Singh are brought with awesome regard. They committed as long as they can remember to find the correct place keeping in mind the end goal to develop the Gurdwara Hemkund Sahib. In this field the administrations of the Hem Kunt-Trust are praiseworthy. The Trust has developed streets driving towards Hemkund Sahib and for the advantage of the explorers it has manufactured huge Gurdwaras in transit.

Places to visit in Hemkund Sahib

Badrinath Dham
Badrinath is a important palace in to visit in Hemkund Sahib. The height of Badrinath is 3,133 mts above the see level. Badrinath is built by Adi Shankaracharya. May to October is best month to visit Badrinath every year and many adorer pilgrimes comes to worship to God Vishnu.

Mana Village
Mana is a small village just 3 km from Badrinath and It is the last Village of India near by Tibet border. It's a source of Sarsawati River. According to Mahabhart Bheem built a bridge on Sarswati River with a big stone, it's known as Bheem pul its a main attraction for tourist. There are two more places to see one is Vyas Guffa (cave) and second one is Ganesh Guffa.

Joshimath is an another small town on the way of Badrinath located near Hemkund Sahib. One of the Math established by Shri Adi Sankaracharya in Hemkund Sahib. They took Bdrinath doli(idol) to Narshing Temple in Joshimath for 6 months in winter. The altitute of Joshimath is 1,890 km above the see level.

Auli is one of the tourist attraction for snow lovers near by Hemkund Sahib. Auli is just 15 km from Joshimath and 30 km from Govind Ghat. you can easly reach Auli by cabel car or By road. in winters they having skiing competition.


Hemkund Sahib is a best palace to visit. Hemkund Sahib is snow cald in during winters. Hemkund Sahib will be open from 5th June till 30th of October. That is the best time to visit Hemkund Sahib.

How to Reach Hemkund Sahib

you can easly reach Hemkund by air ,Train and by road.

By Air :-
Jolly Grant Airport is a nearest airport from Govindghat. You can reach Hemkund Sahib by horse, Pony, helicopter and by trek from Govindghat.
By train:-
Rishikesh Railway station is nearest Railway station from Govindghat. You can reach till Rishikesh by train then you can take taxi and bus to Govindghat.
By road:-
Govindghat is well connected to many cites like Delhi , Srinagar , Rudraprayag , Haridwar , Rishikesh etc.