Chardham Puja Path Services

Chardham Puja Path Services

Chardham Puja Path - Haridwar Puja Path - Rishikesh Puja Path

Chardham Package providing the best god rituals service in holy city haridwar, rishikesh and char dham. Our Pandit ji will give you best service for your life.

Puja Path Services in Haridwar, Rishikesh and Chardham Yatra

1. Special Pooja, Hawan, etc, for Celebration of Auspicious Days

Chola ceremony (for new born infant)
Nam karan
Birth day.
Marriage anniversary

2. Special Prayers and Rituals for Peace Of departed souls. To be Performed at Haridwar, Pehowa, Gaya ji, Keerat pur sahib, Kurukshetra, Gati.

Rituals for Tarpan (Pind Daan) and Homage to Departed Souls (pitars) Annual Shradh, (Death Anniversary)

3. Special Puja by Pandit ji

Pitri Doha :- Suffering of the native due to negative past Karmas, Curse etc. of Self, Father/mother fore fathers Mitigation of the evil effects of the same by performing (Jap, Tap, Dan) Shanti Etc. of the planets Causing such Suffering to the native.

Kal Sarp Yoga :- one of the six specific positions of Rahu/ketu in the natal birth chart/Horoscope of the native and shanti of the same through Remedial Measures/ Upaye.

Shani Dosha :- Dosha position of Shani in Specific House of the natal Horoscope or Gochar Position (Sadesati etc.) Causing Suffering to the native. Shanti of the same by performance of certain remedial measures.

Mangleek Dosha :- Judgments of the marriage compatibility of a couple if Mars/Mangal is placed in certain house in the horoscope of either the boy or the girl and may cause disharmony in the marital life of the couple.

Balarisht/Alpayu Yoga :- Planetary position in the natal horoscope of an infant indicating death or critical illness with in eight years of age. Judgment of the same with propitiation of the Weak Planet with performance of some remedial measures possible to avert the disaster within divine order and wisdom.

Mritu Yoga :- A Specific Planetary Period in the natal horoscope indicating death or (Mritu Tulya kasht) death like suffering. Pooja of Kalbhairva and jap of Maha Mritunjaya by the blood relation of the native or by a learned karam Kandi Brahmin Pandit.

Other Poja Path Services

Maa Ganga Abhishek (1Day and 3Days)
Chaar Dhaam Shivling Abhishek (3 Days)
Marriage with Hindu cultural (3 Days)

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