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Karnaprayag is a city and metropolitan board in Chamoli District in the Indian province of Uttarakhand. Karnaprayag is one of the Panch Prayag (five intersections) of Alaknanda River, arranged at the conjunction of the Alaknanda, and Pindar River.

Karnaprayag is a town and a nagar panchayat in Chamoli locale in the Indian territory of Uttarakhand. Read here about Karnaprayag Tour 2023, how to reach karnaprayag, best time to visit karnaprayag, karnaprayag yatra package, karnaprayag hotels, karnaprayag weather, Karnaprayag tourism and much more.

Karnaprayag is one of five locales where the conjunction of streams happens. The five prayags are Vishnuprayag, Nandprayag, Karnaprayag, Rudraprayag and Devprayag. Allahabad where the Ganges, Yamuna and legendary Saraswati join, is known as Prayag, and is one of the heavenly places of Hindu journey. Karnaprayag is accepted by numerous individuals to be where Karna of the Mahabharata, was to have venerated the Sun God. There is an antiquated sanctuary, dedicated to Uma in Karnaprayag.

In a few renditions Karnaprayag is where Lord Krishna done the incineration of Karna. At the point when Arjuna utilized the Anjalika astra on weaponless Karna, who was all the while attempting to lift the depressed chariot wheel, Lord Krishna discovered that Karna was as yet alive despite the fact that genuinely injured. Ruler Krishna discovered that Dharma-devata, the goddess in charge of securing Dharma (honesty) is guarding Karna from death and opposing each bolt send by Arjuna.

Krishna and Arjuna discovered it was difficult to execute Karna as the goddess was ensuring Karna by and by. Ruler Krishna disclosed to Arjuna that the Dharma-devata herself was shielding Karna from death on account of the gigantic great legitimacy Karna earned by giving philanthropy amid his lifetime and it was inconceivable notwithstanding for Lord Shiva to kill Karna. Krishna said wherever Dharma is available there is triumph and this time Dharma was with the side of Karna. So Krishna went down from his chariot and showed up as a Brahmin and requested Karna's punya or legitimacy to him as philanthropy. Karna gave his whole merits as philanthropy to the Brahmin as his blood and once Karna skilled his life's legitimacy to him, Krishna compensated Karna with the perspective of Krishna's Vishwaroopa. Krishna informed that just along these lines it was conceivable to slaughter Karna and when Karna gave away his life's legitimacy to Krishna, Dharma-devata vanished. Karna requested that Krishna incinerate him in a virgin land where no one else is available. At that point Krishna returned to his chariot and requested that Arjuna take the murder shot on Karna. Later Krishna himself done the incineration of Karna at Karnaprayag.

It is headed to Badrinath, on the juncture of two heavenly streams Alaknanda and Pindar. It is said that Karna of Mahabharata ruminated here for a long time to get the secure shield, which made him an imposing warrior in the war zone. Swami Vivekananda ruminated here for eighteen days with his Guru Bhai, Guru Turianand ji and Akharanand ji. It is the sub-divisional central command of area Chamoli. Streets from here go to Almora, Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park.

Best time to visit Karnaprayag

Departure out the time of monsoons, one can journey to this blessed municipality anytime of the year. Being positioned in the Himalayas allows it to have chill temperatures throughout the year. Winters can be bone-chilling and will need you to have as lots of layers of woolen as possible.

How to reach Karnaprayag

You can easily reach Karnaprayag by air, train and by road.

By Air : - Jolly Grant Airport is 180km from Karnaprayag. Jolly Grant Airport is a nearest airport to Karnaprayag. Karnaprayag is well connected to motor able road you can take easily taxi from outside the Airport.

By train : - Rishikesh is nearest railway station of from Karnaprayag. The distance between Rishikesh and Nandaprayag 175 km. Taxi and buses are easily available outside the railway station.

By road : - You can take private buses and Taxis from Rishikesh or Haridwar till Karnaprayag. Karnaprayag is located on NH 07.

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