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Yog Dhyan Temple - History of Yogdhyan - Panch Badri 2023

This sanctuary is named after Pandav King. The Yog Dhyan Badari sanctuary is situated at Pandukeshwar at an elevation of 1920 m. It is 24 km shy of Badarinath on Rishikesh - Badarinath thruway. As per a fantasy, the sanctum has a picture of the Lord in a thoughtful (Yog Dhyan) pose. It is said that the Pandavas, successful after their fight against the Kauravas, however sincerely scarred, went to the Himalayas. Furthermore, it was here that they gave over their capital, Hastinapur, to Raja Parikshit and took up retribution before searching out the interstate to paradise.

Yoga Dhyan Badri, additionally called Yoga Badri, is situated at Pandukeshwar at the rise of 1,829 meters (6,001 ft), near Govind Ghat and is as old as the fundamental Badrinath sanctuary. Pandukeshwar is found in transit from Govind Ghat to Hanuman Chatti, 9 kilometers (5.6 mi) far from Hanuman Chatti. Legend has it that King Pandu, father of the five Pandavas - saints of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, ruminated here to god Vishnu to wash down him of the wrongdoing of executing of two mating deer, who were religious austerity in their past lives. The Pandavas were likewise conceived here and Pandu passed on and accomplished salvation here. Pandu is accepted to have introduced the bronze picture of Vishnu in the Yogadhyan Badri place of worship. The picture is in a thoughtful stance and in this manner the picture is called Yoga-dhyan (reflective) Badri. The icon is life estimate and has been cut from Shaligram stone. As per legend, the Pandavas, subsequent to vanquishing and slaughtering their cousins Kauravas in the Mahabharata war, came here to atone. They gave their kingdom of Hastinapur to their grandson Parikshit and went to perform compensation in the Himalayas.

Copper plate engravings found here demonstrate control by early Katyuri Rajas and the district was known as Panchal Desh, now formally assigned as Uttarakhand. One engraving praises the give of land given by King Nimbarana. Another memorable area is the Suryakund, over Milam icy mass, which is a heated water spring, where Kunti - mother of Pandavas brought forth her ill-conceived child Karna, fathered by the sun-god Surya. Kunti was hitched to Pandu at Pandukeshwar.

Yogdhyan Badri is additionally viewed as the winter home the Utsava-murti of Badrinath, when the sanctuary of Badrinath is shut. Consequently, it is religiously appointed that a journey won't be finished without offering supplications at this place. Bhatts (clerics) from South India fill in as boss ministers in the sanctuary.

How to reach Yog Dhyan Badri Temple

You can easily reach Yog Dhyan Badri Temple by air, train and by road.

By Air : - Jolly Grant Airport is 320km from Pandukeswar. Yogdhyan Badri Temple is 02kms from Pandukeswar. Jolly Grant Airport is a nearest airport to Pandukeswar well connected to motor able road you can take easily taxi from outside the Airport.

By train : - Rishikesh is nearest railway station of from Pandukeswar. The distance between Rishikesh and Pandukeswar 290 km. Taxi and buses are easily available outside the railway station.

By road : - You can take private buses and Taxis from Delhi till Rishikesh or Haridwar. From Haridwar & Rishikesh you can get Government bus for Pandukeswar. Pandukeswar is located on NH 07.