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Madhyamaheshwar - Madhyamaheshwar Temple - Panch Kedar 2023

Madhyamaheshwar or Madmaheshwar is a Hindu sanctuary devoted to god Shiva, situated in the Mansoona town of Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. Arranged at a height of 3,497 m (11,473.1 ft), it is the fourth sanctuary to be visited in the Panch Kedar journey circuit, including five Shiva sanctuaries in the Garhwal district. Alternate sanctuaries in the circuit include: Kedarnath, Tungnath and Rudranath to be visited before Madmaheshwar and Kalpeshwar to be visited after Madmaheshwar. The center (madhya) or paunch part or navel (nabhi) of the bull, thought about a heavenly type of Shiva, is loved at this sanctuary, accepted to be worked by the Pandavas, the saints of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

The legend of Madhyamaheswar is a necessary piece of the legend of Panch Kedar, which is an enamoring portrayal of the endeavors of Pandavas to offer reparations for the transgressions of their fratricide (Gotra - Hatya) demonstration of executing their cousins, the Kauravas, and Brāhmanahatya (slaughtering of Brahmins - the cleric class), amid the epic Mahabharata war. On guidance from sages and their confided in supporter god Krishna they looked for Lord Shiva to excuse them and favor them to achieve salvation. Since Shiva was irritated with them for their lead amid the Kurukshetra war, he attempted to maintain a strategic distance from them by accepting the creature type of a bull or Nandi and left for the Himalayan Garhwal area. Yet, the decided Pandavas, subsequent to locating Shiva as the bull brushing in the slopes of Guptkashi, attempted to persuasively hold the bull by its tail and rear legs. Be that as it may, the bull vanished into the ground to return later in his unique self of Lord Shiva at five spots; as a mound at Kedarnath, in the state of bahu (arms) at Tungnath, with his face at Rudranath, his nabhi (navel) and stomach at Madhyamaheswar and his hair (locks) called jata at Kalpeshwar. Pandavas, satisfied with the disclosure of Lord Shiva at five places in various structures, fabricated sanctuaries at these five spots, worshiped him and achieved salvation with favors of Shiva.

How to reach Madhyamaheswar Temple

You can easily reach Madhyamaheswar by air, train and by road.

By Air : - Jolly Grant Airport is 230km from Ukhimath from Ukhimath to Madhyamaheswar Temple is 24kms. Jolly Grant Airport is a nearest airport to Ukhimath well connected to motorable road you can take easily taxi from outside the Airport.

By train : - Rishikesh is nearest railway station of from Ukhimath. The distance between Rishikesh and Ukhimath 230 km. Taxi and buses are easily available outside the railway station.

By road : - You can take private buses and Taxis from Delhi till Rishikesh or Haridwar. Ukhimath is located on NH 07.

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