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Nilkantha Peak - Nilkantha Sightseeing - About Nilkantha

At a separation of 9 km from Badrinath, Nilkantha is a frigid crest in the state of a pyramid close Badrinath in Chamoli area of Uttarakhand. Nilkantha, Nilkantha Peak Badrinath, badrinath to neelkanth trek, neelkanth trekking, neelkanth base camp trek, neelkanth mountain image, nilkantha mahadev, badrinath to neelkanth base camp, badrinath to neelkanth distance, how to reach neelkanth peak.

Neelkantha, which is otherwise called the Garhwal Queen, is named after Lord Shiva. From a separation the pinnacle takes after Lord Shiva sitting in reflection. It gets the primary beam of Sun which gleams the valley. Nilkantha is a noteworthy pinnacle of the Garhwal Himalayas in the Uttarakhand area. Albeit significantly lower than the most astounding pinnacles of the district, it towers drastically over the valley of the Alaknanda River and rises 3,474 m above Badrinath. Straight to the point Smythe depicted the crest as second just to Siniolchu in Himalayan Beauty.

The Satopanth Glacier is on the northwest side of Nilkantha, the Panpatia Glacier stays on the southwest side and feeds Khirao Ganga, a little stream that keeps running under the south side of the pinnacle. Hardly any fruitful risings have been accounted for on Mt. Neelkanth, the primary move from its western edge was endeavored in 1993 by two British Climbers.

The best time to visit Neelkanth Peak is from June to September. The 10 km long Nilkantha trek begins from Badrinath. Trek from Badrinath to Charan Paduka (3 km) is beautiful and guests can visit the impressions of Lord Vishnu alongside Rishi Ganga Falls here. The 6 km trek from Charan Paduka to Neelkanth Base Camp is minimal intense. From the base camp one can get the nearby perspective of Mount Nilkanth. Mountain dwellers can remain at base camp and endeavor to ascend the summit. This trek is typically done as a multi day trip from Badrinath.

How to Reach Nilkantha Peak

You can reach Neelkanth Peak by trek 10 Kms from Badrinath Temple.

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