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Charan Paduka - About Charan Paduka

At a separation of 3 km from Badrinath, Charanpaduka or Charan Paduka is a wonderful shake, which is accepted, be holding the impressions of Lord Vishnu. It is trusted that the darshan of these impressions will alleviate guests from all aliments.

The Charan Paduka is roosted at a height of 3,380 feet above ocean level. As per Hindu folklore, Lord Vishnu set his foot on earth at this place. Bhagwat Purana says that Lord Sri Krishna prompted his clergyman Uddhav to continue to Badrinath with his Charan Paduka to dispose of his bad behaviors.

Charan Paduka can be come to by 3 km trek from Badrinath. The way towards Charan Paduka is on the left half of Badrinath sanctuary. Walk few meters and on the correct side you will see stairs going upwards. Pursue the stairs to achieve Charan Paduka arranged at Narayan Parvat. The 3 km tough trek takes about 1.5 hours to achieve Charan Paduka.

The view from Charan Paduka is phenomenal. At one side you can watch Neelkanth Peak and the opposite side Nar Parvat. On the left half of Charan Paduka is Rishi Ganga moving through a synthetic redirection to make a cascade. There are a few caverns and stones on the way which prompt Charanpaduka. The stone holds a restorative unit of Badrinath sanctuary board. This restorative unit is very much prepared and it holds all essential therapeutic civilities.

How to Reach Charan Paduka

You can easily reach Charan Paduka by walk 3 Kms from Badrinath Temple.

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